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soul man

Over the last 12 years I have always been the proud owner-wearer of at least one pair of Dr Marten’s boots. It’s hard to enthuse enough about how awesome they are, comfortable, waterproof, durable, wear them to work, dress them up, walk the dog in them – I wear them until they drop from my feet.

dr-martens-vonda-bootNow a girl shouldn’t have favourites but my black 14-hole kicks with roses embroidered up the sides are very special to me. They were a gift from my man and have seen me through four crazy years on two continents, but sadly this winter looked to be their last as the wear on the sole finally broke through to the air cushions, signalling the beginning of water ingress and a rapid soggy demise. I was upset that the Big Boots were about to join the esteemed ranks of Scuffed Shiny Purple pair, Hand-Decorated Hand-me-Down Pair and Matt Purple (the ones that began the obsession) in the great DM graveyard in the sky, especially as the uppers were still pristine.

That is until I discovered the Midhurst cobbler – a man that can when it comes to re-soling DMs…

2014-03-29 10.22.542014-03-29 10.23.16

You’ll see that in the process I have lost my characteristic DM tread (the cobbler couldn’t source a match), but I’ve hopefully gained another few years of happy stomping for the bargain price of £30. Happy happy happy 🙂