Since establishing PTS Consultancy in 2015, we’ve trained over 150 people and counting with our lidar and QGIS courses, here’s what some of the participants have to say about our courses:

“I achieved about 10 times more with the Environment Agency data than I had working on it on my own. I even managed to produce LRM [local relief model] representations from the EA data which were a great bonus.”

Making the Most of Lidar Course Participant


Making the Most of Lidar

“Well presented training materials, concise background and introduction and well prepared practical exercises.”

“Informal but well paced, we were neither rushed nor left with nothing to do.”

“Rebecca was a brilliant teacher. She was patient with my lack of expertise, and so helpful, giving help generously and with humour. It is one of the best courses I have been on.”

“Learnt lots of very useful skills relevant to my work. Also, some key terms and ideas were explained really well, making the whole subject makes sense, and which will be really helpful going on with this work.”

“Fantastic introduction and good direction for further training.”

“Relevant and at a level I could understand without being left behind. I feel more empowered to continue with my quest to use lidar to help find the archaeological features that our group are looking for. “

“The relatively small class made interaction and asking for one-on-one help easy and approachable.”

“Clear and precise instruction about how to best, quickly use the data, whilst understanding the limitations.”

“Thorough for the level it was aimed at, very knowledgeable and personable trainer.”


Introduction to QGIS

“Good instruction materials and excellent hands-on support.”

“The balance of tuition/explanation and hands on activity seemed good and the class size was right.”

“Knowledgeable course leader, learning through doing as opposed to being talked at.”

“Small group, easy to ask questions, very well organised.”

“Rebecca was a very knowledgeable and helpful trainer who made the training interesting and fun. The catering was also very good!”

“I had a fantastic day, and I feel that I learned a lot of new skills, and also there are a number of things that I will go away and try out.”

“It really was very useful and has made me excited to get map-making.”

Advanced Lidar

“I feel the course was well paced, Rebecca was always able to give any help/advice she could. Occasional off-topic conversations were actually really insightful into how LiDAR and the way we analyse it plays into the larger world of surveying etc.”

“Our instructor was very engaging and the course was very interesting. The atmosphere was very welcoming and the refreshments were excellent.”

“Friendly atmosphere, clear and to the point”

“I was really concerned that I would not be able to keep up but with a lot of help I now feel comfortable to go home and start playing. I gained absolutely loads out of the two days and thank you very much”

“Rebecca was a great teacher and very patient”