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Can you speak my dog’s language?

At a conference this week a colleague claimed that a rescued Alsation / goldie cross of theirs (now sadly departed) knew over 40 commands and that they had taken to teaching her variations of the commands in Spanish, German and Gaelic. As a curious Friday musing I thought I’d collate all the commands / words Barney knows,so here goes!

The Basics (13)

sit, down, stay, wait, heel, leave, fetch, up-up (to jump up on a table or wall for example),paw please, give (to release a toy), drop (drop a toy to the ground), watch (make eye contact with human), OK (release from sit or stay or wait)

On the Move (6)

come, go (send away at speed), go-round (to go round an object in a clockwise direction), go-by (to go round in an anti-clockwise direction), through (pass between two objects), walk-on (keep moving / ignore distraction)

Tricks (6)

spin, dance (balance on back legs), catch, take-it-to-Jim (deliver a toy to nominated human), find-it (search for a toy), Where’s-Jim (find a person who’s hiding)

Agility Related (4)

walk, frame, weave, over,

Things he’ll retrieve by name (5)

Armadillo, Vader (A Darth Vader loofa dog toy!), ball, bone, piggy

Other useful words! (3)

walking, dinner, baby,

I make that 24 words in total, not too shabby at all!