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If you’d have asked me what household item I’d miss when I moved to the US I’m fairly certain I’d have probably picked some convenience from the kitchen, blender, cake tins, the pasta maker. Surprisingly, the item I missed the most turned out to be my sewing machine, in part because I needed to make curtains for both of the rooms I rented but also because I found a great source of cheap fabrics at the fabulous Scrap Exchange and felt inspired by some very talented friends who ran a sew-op evening of making stuff.

Although thanks to my somewhat traditional education, I am qualified to GCSE level in making-a-sewing-machine-run-a-straight-seam-without-impaling-your-finger, I rarely have time to make things. Mostly I experience craft a bit like art; I browse, observe and admire, hoping that I could replicate the items I like the best but knowing that my attempts would doubtlessly be less than impressive.

But it’s Christmas time and as I’m not totally immune to kitsch and sentiment when I saw these little felt boots I wanted to replicate them for my god-daughters in Finland. Now the originals looked lovely (and simple) but on closer inspection were for teensy generic babies of unspecified age and foot size (*sigh*). Undeterred, I acquired the girls’  foot measurements and went to work, with the results recorded in the photo diary below.

The original design courtesy of
The original design courtesy of

Altering the pattern to fit an actual child and making a prototype…

DSCN7273 DSCN7276




DSCN7275Making the slippers out of a re-purposed scarf…

DSCN7278Engaging re-enforcements (armed with a cup of tea) to make sure the blanket stitches were completed by the last posting date..

DSCN7279The finished booties – lets hope the girls like them (and that they fit!)